Proper field care, handling and skinning are critical. Contact me for species specific instructions.

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For over 23 years, the most discerning sportsmen who desire to have the beauty of nature captured expertly and artistically in their trophy mounts have trusted National and Maine State Champion,
Jayne Leslie Dyke.



What distinguishes an excellent mount from an average one?
The answer is: "it's in the details!"

Point your mouse at the eyes, ears and nose in the picture below.

This handsome buck was taken in the woods behind my studio. The deer was coming into rut and had the beginning of the swelled neck every buck attains during the rut. Since this wall pedestal form was in a "pre-rut" stage, I had to alter the form to depict the swelled neck. A buck in full rut would have other characteristics like swollen eyes, and possibly a slightly humped "Roman" nose. I always get a picture, the date of harvest plus I capture lots of measurements before I start skinning.  Extensive notes are taken on any special features or skin colorations I observe.

A buck's musculature changes as the rut progresses, and an observant taxidermist should be able to recognize this and accommodate the difference between a September archery buck and a December post-rut specimen.

By the way, this specialty deer form is one of several new options available to the hunter who would like a mount that is beyond the ordinary. I'll work with you to assure that your trophy is as distinctive as the memory!

Jayne Leslie Dyke

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